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Dogo Argentino puppies and dogs in Hanover, Pennsylvania

Looking for a Dogo Argentino puppy or dog in Hanover, Pennsylvania? Adopt a Pet can help you find an adorable Dogo Argentino near you.

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Photo of Dennis JuM (Dad)*

Dennis JuM (Dad)*

Dogo Argentino American Bulldog

Male, adult
Baltimore, MD
(when grown) Med. 26-60 lbs (12-27 kg)
Dennis the menace was a pretty cute kid. Therefore I am cute too! I am an adult, with puppy-like exuberance for life and food! I arrived at the rescue with my wife (Dee Dee) and our kid (Donna) after being left in our backyard when our "family" moved. Can you imagine? I gave them 3 years of devotion, and they just leave me like an old newspaper..... So, enough about my sorted past, let's look at my BRIGHT FUTURE!!! I am a handsome guy, full of love for life. I love female dogs, male dogs are more challenging because I am an alpha sort of dog, with the females I am fine- even dominant females like my Dee Dee. I am a good 60lbs, I'm such a big boy who makes for great cuddles! I am a good protector of your home and my people. I won't let those pesky neighbors over, unless you invite them ;) I have lots of fun running and playing and I would be a great outdoor adventure buddy! Let's get on the trails and go! Dennis can only be adopted in the local area. Local adoption fee is $200.
Photo of Tanner


Dogo Argentino

Male, 1 yr 4 mos
Baltimore, MD
(when grown) Large 61-100 lbs (28-45 kg)
Needs experienced adopter, Spayed or Neutered,
Tanner is a 1 year old who is in a foster home with two female dogs and enjoys running and playing with them. Tanner has learned some doggie manners while at his foster home. Tanner needs someone to continue teaching him his obedience. He is in a home with older children and has done well. Tanner was found on the rural road in south Miami with his brother Tua. We know they lived on the streets a long time and he was covered in mange when he came to the rescue. Despite being on his own he is a precious boy who needs lots of training to learn the basics. He was doing well with his brother for a while but randomly they would get into disagreements. We don't know how he will do with other dogs at this time. He has a lot of playful and fun energy to burn off and is curious about everything. Since he is 'feral' he will need a calm and patient home willing to work with him! He is going to be an excellent dog and has a lot of potential now that he is with the rescue! Dogos are a wonderful breed but we urge anyone interested to dig in and do a lot of research before deciding if they are a good fit for your home. They require a lot of attention and training with them never ends! Boundaries must be enforced and they often need reminders as they push past boundaires you set! Dogos are loving, kind and gentle but don't mistake that for weakness because they are equally powerful and intense as well! Everyone in the home must be on board with having a dogo and play a major role in their daily routines and training. Yes it is work, but the rewards are ten-fold! Lazy homes don't work for dogos as they need stimulation, exercise, and lots of attention too during their younger years. Our goal in rescue is to be as transparent as we can about each and every dog plus make sure new families really understand the needs of a dogo!

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Photo of Kyle


Boxer Hound (Unknown Type)

Male, adult
Hanover, PA
(when grown) Large 61-100 lbs (28-45 kg)
Spayed or Neutered,
NAME: Kyle BREED: Boxer/Hound Mix BIRTHDAY: 2021 WEIGHT: 60lbs ADOPTION FEE: $250 &#226&#128&#139 Kyle was on of four similar-looking dogs found locked in a shed together. They were taken to a crowded shelter in the south, overlooked among dozens and dozens of others. We agreed to take one of the four, despite their young ages. When Kyle arrived, he was covered in cuts and scratches in varying states of healing. He was very thin, with ribs and hip bones clearly visible. Day one with him was an absolute nightmare: he had obviously never been inside a house before, he was not neutered and had immediate problems with another intact male here, he was incredibly fearful and stressed and unable to be handled. He jumped onto the kitchen counter and over every baby gate in the house. He barked all night until his foster mom slept next to his crate. They both had a good cry and hoped the next day would not be so horrible.   It was not. Day two, day three, day four... Kyle improved with each passing moment. He became friends with every dog in the house, even the big boy he had tried to fight when he first arrived. He discovered the cats and overcame his fears, attempting (often roughly and awkwardly) to befriend them as well. He learned to keep at least two feet on the kitchen floor, he learned about beds and leashes and regular meals, he learned that his foster mom was his best buddy and could be trusted to give and receive kisses. What he has not learned is that other people can be his buddies as well: although he does not jump up or bite, Kyle is very fearful when meeting strangers both in and out of his home. He does seem to prefer women and children but barks and postures with them at first. Things are much calmer when his foster mom is not home, and he is forced to be cared for by other people, but what this guy really needs is an experienced adopter who can commit to working with him to overcome the neglect he suffered before being taken to the shelter. Positive, repetitive reinforcement and exposure to kind and understanding folks are what Kyle needs in order to be his best self. In return, he will bless you with the goofy antics and unwavering love his foster mom has experienced with him. Kyle is just a sweet young boy and he deserves so much more than what he has been given so far.   Please email us at  if you have any questions about Kyle's needs. May 25, 2023, 12:21 am

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