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What is a Reasonable Rehoming Fee for a Shih Tzu?

by Adopt a Pet, | January 8, 2024


A reasonable rehoming fee for a Shih Tzu would typically be somewhere between $50 and $150. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the actual fees can vary somewhat. You wouldn’t want to go any lower than $50 but depending on the age of your dog and whether he’s purebred, some rehoming fees could be higher than $150. Much more than that, though, and it’s less of a rehoming fee and more like selling your dog.

Why Are Rehoming Fees Important?

Some people don’t like the idea of rehoming fees. They feel that someone is simply selling a dog that they no longer want. That’s rarely the case. Most people who have to rehome their Shih Tzu are heartbroken because of it. If circumstances were different, they’d keep their dog forever. However, they can’t, and rehoming fees make sense. it’s not about getting money for your dog; it’s about ensuring that only the right people are adopting her.

Rehoming fees can help to keep your dog safe. People who have nefarious intentions toward animals certainly exist. Charging a rehoming fee helps to weed these people out because they don’t want to pay for your dog. Sometimes, these people want to sell them to labs or use them as bait to train fighting dogs. Rehoming fees should always be charged when you’re finding a new owner for your Shih Tzu.

Do Shelters and Rescues Charge Fees?

Those considering adopting from a shelter or a rescue will find that there are fees charged. Most of the time, the fees will range from $50 to $150. Of course, the exact fees can vary based on the location, the shelter, and other factors. You’ll need to contact the shelter to get a better understanding of the adoption fees charged.

Does Rehome Charge a Rehoming Fee?

Yes, when someone adopts a pet through Rehome, they’ll have to pay a small rehoming fee. This amounts to about the same that they’d pay to a rescue or a shelter. One of the benefits of using Rehome is that you’ll never have to charge someone a Rehoming fee. The site will take care of that when someone adopts your dog. The rehoming fee goes right back into ensuring that more pets get adopted.

As an owner who needs to rehome a Shih Tzu, you won’t have to worry about paying any fees when you use the site. All you’ll need to do is create a profile for your dog that highlights their qualities and personality. Always be honest with the profiles. You need to be sure that the family adopting your dog is truly the best fit. After all, if your Shih Tzu is afraid of larger dogs, you wouldn’t want someone who has big dogs adopting her.

You get to choose who can adopt your Shih Tzu. Potential adopters will fill out adoption applications, which you’ll then go through. This gives you control over who gets to adopt her, so you can be sure that she has a loving new home.

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