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How Do I Rehome My Border Collie?

by Adopt a Pet, | January 8, 2024

How Do I Rehome My Border Collie?

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You can rehome your border collie a couple of different ways, including by using the Rehome platform. Although you love your dog and probably never thought that you would have to rehome her, life can throw unexpected complications at us. You might be in a position currently where it isn’t feasible to care for her any longer, at least not the way she deserves. Rehoming could be the best option. Let’s look at some of the things that you can do to ensure she goes to a great home.

Family and Friends

If you have family or friends who might be able to provide a loving home for your border collie, they should be the first people you ask. They might be looking to adopt a dog and would love to bring her into their home. This can be a great solution because you always trust these people.

When you allow someone that you know to adopt the dog, it’s a good idea to get her accustomed to the person and their home before simply dropping her off. Once they have taken her into their home, you should stay away for a while. You don’t want her to think that she’s just going for a visit. Let her become acclimated and realize that she’s in her new home.

Advertising the Adoption

Not all of us are fortunate enough to have people we know who are in a position to adopt. In those cases, rehoming is still an option. However, you’ll have to advertise that your border collie is up for adoption. There are online sites where you can do this, but you have to be careful. You need to be sure that she’s going to a good home. Some people have bad intentions toward dogs, and they’re looking for people who are giving away animals online.

You never want to give your dog away. Always charge a rehoming fee. This dissuades people with bad intentions and those who don’t have the financial means to care for her.

Rehome by Adopt-a-Pet.com, mentioned above, is a safe way to find a great new home for your border collie. Owners can create a profile for their border collie, or other breeds, on the site. This profile can contain all of the important information about your dog, including any special needs that they might have. For example, if your dog doesn’t do well with small animals, you’ll want to put this into the bio. Be thorough and honest in the profile you write. You can also add photos and videos of her to show potential adopters what a great dog she is.

People who want to adopt can apply, and you’ll receive those applications. You can then learn more about the adopters to determine who will be the best fit for your dog. The peace of mind that you get from this rehoming process is wonderful. You’ll know for certain that your dog will be going to a forever home where she will be loved.

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