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What Does It Mean to Surrender an Australian Shepherd?

by Adopt a Pet, | January 8, 2024


To surrender an Australian Shepherd to the shelter or pound means that you’re giving up all of your legal rights to the animal. However, you typically can’t walk into a shelter and just drop off your dog. Instead, they will generally require that you call ahead of time to set up an appointment.

Surrendering Your Australian Shepherd

During the phone call, they will ask you questions about the animal and why you need to surrender her. They want to know why you’re giving up your dog because there may be some resources that they can provide that could help.

They might know of trainers or training programs in the area if your pet has behavioral problems, for example. They could know of low-cost spay and neuter programs if you have trouble with your finances. The initial goal of most shelters is to help you find ways that you can keep your dog.

If there’s no way that you can keep the dog and you don’t have any other alternatives, you’ll then sign the paperwork and pay the surrender fee. It’s important to note that the fee for surrendering a dog varies from location to location. Check the shelter’s website or ask the cost when you talk with them on the phone.

Options Other than Shelters

A shelter should always be the last resort when you need to give up your Australian Shepherd. Some alternatives could work instead. For example, take the time to look up rescues in your area. These are no-kill facilities that will keep the animal until they are adopted. There is often a fee with these facilities, too, so they can care for the animals they have. Of course, rescues tend to be full most of the time, so there’s no guarantee that there will be a spot for your Australian Shepherd.

You could also talk with friends and family about the need to give up your dog. They, or people they know, could be looking for a pet. This can be a great opportunity to find a way to rehome your dog relatively quickly. Of course, you will still need to screen those who are interested to make sure they can provide a good life for your Australian Shepherd. For example, they will need to be capable of providing plenty of exercise for the dog.

Another option is to rehome. Rather than rehoming using sites like Facebook or Craigslist, though, you should consider Rehome. This is a platform from Adopt-a-Pet.com, which puts the animals front and center. Owners can upload a bio, photos, and videos, of their dog to the site.

Prospective adopters then search the site to find animals that they would like to adopt. They fill out adoption applications, which you can review to find the right fit. If someone adopts your pet, they will pay a rehoming fee, which is then used to provide care for other animals. The owner does not have to pay anything, so you do not have to worry about a surrender fee. This is a great way to find a good home for your Australian Shepherd.

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