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How Do I Rehome My Australian Shepherd?

by Adopt a Pet, | January 8, 2024


There are several ways for you to rehome your Australian Shepherd. It’s important to understand a bit about each of the potential rehoming methods to determine which option will be the best choice for you and your dog.

Is Rehoming the Only Option?

Owners should first see if there is any way that they could keep their Australian Shepherd. If there are behavioral issues, it’s possible to find training courses and training advice that can help with him. If there are problems with not being able to spend enough time with him during the day, there are pet sitters and dog walkers available.

Of course, we also know that owners sometimes have no choice except to rehome their dog. In these instances, one of the first thoughts that many have is to take him to a shelter. While shelters try to care for the dogs properly, they often don’t have the resources or the space to do so. Rescues are an option, but they are often full and will not have room to take your dog.

Rehoming is sometimes the best option, and there are a couple of good methods that can be tried.

Rehome with a Friend or a Family Member

Maybe you know someone in your family or in your circle of friends that is looking to adopt a dog. If that’s the case, you might be able to find a suitable individual or family that you already know and trust. This is a great way to find a new place for your dog to call home. Of course, you still need to be sure that the new owners are responsible and that they can provide your Australian Shepherd with the attention and care they deserve.

Find a Family for Your Dog

Owners could try to rehome their dog on their own, but this can be time-consuming and difficult. It’s possible to do, but there is another option to consider.

Rehome is a peer-to-peer platform from Adopt-a-Pet.com, and it’s a safe, efficient, and simple way to find a new home for your Australian Shepherd. It allows the owners to review adoption applications from those interested in the dog, and the owner can then meet with the adopter. This provides owners with peace of mind, knowing that you are choosing a great new home for your pet.

When you use Rehome and you fill out the profile for your dog, you want to be thorough and as honest as possible. Let the potential adopters understand what you want for your dog and what type of personality and temperament your dog has. Let them know if he is good around kids and other pets, for example.

You also need to be honest about any of the dog’s medical needs, so the new owner can plan for them. A good bio, along with pictures and videos of the dog helps the adopters to see whether it will be the right dog for them and their family.

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