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How Do I Surrender My Australian Shepherd?

by Adopt a Pet, | January 8, 2024


You can surrender your Australian Shepherd by bringing them to an animal shelter or a rescue facility. It’s essential that you understand what happens when you surrender your pet to these locations, and that there are some other alternatives available that you may want to try instead.

What to Expect at the Shelter

Most of the time, shelters won’t allow walk-ins. This means that you can’t simply show up at the doors and drop off your dog to surrender them. You’ll instead need to call ahead of time to set up an appointment. When you call, the shelter will likely ask questions about your pet, as well as why you need to surrender him. They may have suggestions or let you know about resources that can help you keep your dog, depending on the circumstances.

It is important to understand that once you surrender your dog, it is final. You’ll no longer have legal rights to him. The shelters will charge a fee when you surrender your Australian Shepherd, as well. When you call the shelter, ask them about the fees if they don’t mention it. The cost will vary by location.

Once the pet is at the shelter, they’ll await adoption. However, the truth of the matter is that not all pets who go to the shelter will be adopted. The shelters can’t provide long-term care for the animals because they become overcrowded. Animals often need to be euthanized to make room for more.

Consider Other Options

There are other ways to give up your Australian Shepherd, so you should consider the shelter to be the last resort on your list. You might want to consider finding a rescue organization in your area. Rescues are generally privately run, and they provide a place for dogs to stay until they are adopted. However, the rescues are often full, so there’s no guarantee that they’ll have room for your dog. Still, they are worth trying before resorting to a shelter.

Another option is to rehome your dog on your own. This can take more time, but it is often the best course of action. However, you don’t want to use sites like Facebook or Craigslist to do this, as you never know who is looking for pets on those sites. They may have bad intentions toward your dog and others they find.

Additionally, don’t want to just "give" your pet to what you think is a good home. Instead, you should always charge a rehoming fee, as this ensures the new owners have a financial investment in your pet. You should always screen new owners and check their references first, as well.

A great way to rehome your Australian Shepherd is Rehome, a website that puts owners in contact with potential adopters. It’s a platform from Adopt-a-Pet.com, and it allows owners to set up a profile and bio for their dog, along with uploading some pictures and videos. It’s a great way to find the right home for your dog.

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