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We'll also keep you updated on Princess Stella the Friendly!'s adoption status with email updates.
Photo of Princess Stella the Friendly!

Princess Stella the Friendly!

German Shepherd Dog

Female, Puppy
Encinitas, CA
(when grown) Med. 26-60 lbs (12-27 kg)
Good with kids, House-trained, Spayed or Neutered, Shots are up-to-date,
The very young, friendly Princess Stella is just a pup looking for the perfect FURever family! She is fabulous with other dogs, super friendly and absolutely charming. as can be. She has NOT been tested with cats or very young children,but she LOVES CHILDREN, especially teens who will play with her! As with ALL our young dogs, our rescue MANDATES immediate, professional training for al adoptive families- after all, you are going to enjoy this girl for LIFE, so lets be sure you're invested in her training to become the BEST POSSIBLE FAMILY MEMBER and companion EVER! The IDEAL home will be a family who is EXPERIENCED with German Shepherds or Belgian Malinois and similar big dog breeds, has a very LARGE yard (please no apartments, condo's etc) has either a resident friendly, trained companion dog OR a close friend/neighbor/family member who has one for regular play dates. A retired couple or a family with children 10 yo and up, e busy household who takes their beloved pet with them everywhere- shiopping, to the kids soccer games, on vacation, etc would be the perfect future for this lovely girl. We do NOT recommend a dog like this if you work a traditional 8 hour work day away from home. If YOU can give Princess Stella the IDEALROYAL HOME, respond with BOTH a PHONE NUMBER as well as offer a SPECIFIC TIME AND DAY you will be available to answer the phone when our Volunteer Adoption Coordinator calls! Lets get the PRINCESS home so you can enjoy a family friendly, wonderful SUMMER 2023 TOGETHER!
We'll also keep you updated on Gorgeous Georgie the WONDERDOG's adoption status with email updates.
Photo of Gorgeous Georgie the WONDERDOG

Gorgeous Georgie the WONDERDOG

German Shepherd Dog

Male, Puppy
Encinitas, CA
(when grown) Med. 26-60 lbs (12-27 kg)
Good with kids, Good with dogs, Shots are up-to-date,
Gorgeous Georgie is an ELEGANT, LONG LEGGED German Shepherd! Sporting a unique mask, Georgie is HIGHLY intelligent, a quick learner, and devoted companion pup. EVERYWHERE he goes people stop and stare: you've never seen a dog exactly like this boy! VERY YOUNG BOY, approximately 3-4 months old. We are NOW interviewing EXPERIENCED GS owners who understand the importance of training GS at this age! The ideal home will have a Big Yard, at least some family members who are home MOST of the day, have the TIME and resources to train this EXTRAORDINARY Canine Companion! (This is NOT an apartment dog, NOT a dog to be left at home all day or in the yard.) THIS is an AMAZING boy who will ENRICH your life with JOY and INTELLIGENCE! If you can give this little baby boy the home he deserves, contact us ASAP with a PHONE NUMBER and SCHEDULE a SPECIFIC TIME WINDOW for a phone chat to start! We MUST MOVE Gorgeous Georgie ASAP. If you are considering FOSTERING, our rescue policy is to allow you FIRST OPTION of Adoption for the right home! Contact us ASAP-you wont get another chance at a FABULOUS BOY like this!
We'll also keep you updated on MARVELOUS MAX's adoption status with email updates.


German Shepherd Dog Boxer

Male, Young
Encinitas, CA
(when grown) Med. 26-60 lbs (12-27 kg)
Good with kids, Good with dogs, Good with cats, House-trained, Spayed or Neutered, Shots are up-to-date,
PLEASE Consider Emergency Fostering for poor, ADORABLE Max. These are recent photos provided by the owner. This sweet tempered, young doggy escaped his owner early in May, was tragically hit by a car and barely survived. While the rear leg was amputated due to extensive damage, he is otherwise in excellent health and temperament! Max is fully vaccinated, neutered, microchipped and ready for a stable family home where he can be loved. Every day he is improving, learning to walk better and better. He is a very mellow little boy! This is truly an emergency situation as he is now sleeping IN A CAR. The current guardian recognizes this is "not right" (her words) and is ready to relinquish as soon as possible. PLEASE HELP US TO HELP MAXY NOW! He has been through so much trauma and yet he is STILL a SWEET LOVING FAMILY DOGGY!

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