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Birman kittens & cats in Houston, Texas

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Photo of Miss Trip #plume-tail

Miss Trip #plume-tail

Maine Coon

Female, adult
Houston, TX
(when grown) -
Not good with kids, Not good with dogs, Good with cats, Spayed or Neutered,
COMPLETE WITH MITTENS, GO-GO BOOTS, & BIB  DOB 1/1/20 Do you love kitties with soft, silky fur and wispy plume tails? Then I’m the girl for you because I’ve got a just such fur and tail! Mew! Mew, everyone! I’m Miss Trip, a sweet, initially shy, quiet, laid-back dilute tortie Maine Coon mix gal with white tuxedo markings – mittens on my front paws, go-go boots on my back legs, and a large, long bib on my chest and belly. I come morning and evening to rub against Foster Meowmy’s legs, and this is my signal that I want her to stroke my back gently or scratch my cheeks, ears, or chin. Meowmy has learned that I’m not a fan of being picked up. Of course, I’m hoping that Meowmy has some Greenies or squeezable/ lickable tuna treats for me! Whereas I like to sleep during the day, morning and evenings are when I get playful. This could mean jumping in and out of boxes, chasing a red laser dot, zooming through tunnels, or swatting dangly toys on my cat tree. I had been living in a colony of community cats, but unfortunately the lady who had been feeding us abandoned us just when I needed her the most. You see, she hadn’t spayed me, and I ended up birthing a litter of kittens in another neighbor’s yard. As luck would have it, it was my future foster meowmy’s aunt’s yard, and sure enough, Foster Meowmy brought us all to safety inside her home. I’m an independent gal who was used to fending for myself, so it took me awhile to adjust to living indoors with people who loved me. With time, I started opening up once I learned that I could trust Foster Meowmy. Now I’ve heard her tell people “Trip is a doll!” I’m ready to find my forever home, so I hope you’ll arrange to meet me. I'd prefer a calm, tranquil home with no dogs or kids. I’ll appeal best to people who like quiet, undemanding kitties who are past the stage of kitten mayhem. This way I’ll cause much less chaos in your home and not break any of your treasured accessories. Meanwhile, I’ll leave tiny paw prints all over your heart. HOPE ID 23-0603-C046 If you are interested in Miss Trip and would like to fill out an online Cat Adoption Application, please go to . Submitting an application does not obligate you to adopt, but it initiates contact with us and gets the process started.  If you have questions prior to filling out the application or want to find out which adoption site this feline will be this week-end, email us at , and a volunteer will get back to you. October 2, 2023, 6:55 pm

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