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Maltese puppies and dogs in Columbia, Tennessee

Looking for a Maltese puppy or dog in Columbia, Tennessee? Adopt a Pet can help you find an adorable Maltese near you.

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Adopt a Maltese near you in Columbia, Tennessee

These Maltese are available in Columbia, Tennessee.
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Photo of Macie & Lola (Bonded pair)~

Macie & Lola (Bonded pair)~


Female, Adult
Columbia, TN
(when grown) Small 25 lbs (11 kg) or less
Macie and Lola are looking oh so cute and ready for fall post groom! These senior ladies are still looking for their forever home. They are 12 years young and as sweet as they come! They get along fine with other dogs, enjoy car rides and stroller rides around the neighborhood. They do enjoy an occasional stroll in the backyard and afternoon naps as well! If you are looking for some low key cuddle buddies, these are your girls!They are bonded so we are looking for an adopter that has enough love for two.Update: What is better than a sweet little senior pup to love and snuggle?! TWO senior pups to love and snuggle! If you have been following our page for awhile you may remember Macie and Lola coming in around Christmas last year. They were a hot mess to say the least. These sweet girls were breeder dogs in a backyard breeder/mill situation their entire lives. It was only once they had gotten to where they could no longer produce puppies and were in such horrific medical condition that their “human” finally dumped them at the shelter. The vet said Lola’s uterus was the worst she had ever seen. Both had a mouthful of rotten teeth and evidence of multiple c-section scars, and that is just the tip of the iceberg.Despite the awful life these girls led for their first 12 years on this earth, they are as sweet and happy as you could ever ask for. Their foster mom has done a lot of work with them over the past 8 months, improving (not perfecting) their potty skills and generally teaching them how to be loved and cherished family members. Both girls get along fine with other dogs, ride great in the car, love a good stroller ride and sleep in their crate (or occasionally foster mom’s bed) like champs. They can get a little cranky with each other from time to time, as sisters do, but they are most definitely bonded and must stay together.Both girls were diagnosed with heart murmurs and started on Vetmedin (we have found a very economical source we will be happy to pass on) back in January. They just had a checkup and the vet said they are doing great so we decided it was time to see if these girls might have a forever home in their future.As adorable and sweet as they are, they are by no means perfect and will require a diligent and patient owner. Their foster mom will be happy to go over all their needs and how she is handling them with any APPROVED interested adopter.Please consider opening your home and your heart with these girls. They are most deserving of a family of their own where they can be spoiled rotten for the rest of their lives!Update: 12 years, the span of the average childhood, 12 years was what this poor pup spent confined inside of a tiny wire cage. No proper vet care, no love, and being unable to walk until her legs atrophied…all for her breeder’s bottom line. Imagine your entire childhood spending every day living the same nightmare until you were no longer "needed". THAT was Macie’s life, until now.Sweet Macie is full of mammary masses, rotting teeth, and unending ear infections. Her leg muscles are almost useless and when she attempts to walk it’s not a happy sight. Macie’s entire life she has never seen a vet, likely because that would mean an expense her breeder did not want to pay for. And yet, her belly shows scars of what could have been dozens of C-sections in her 12 years of life. These procedures very well could have been performed by the breeder themselves, or by a vet willing to overlook the obvious signs of maltreatment. In spite of ALL of this horrific abuse, Macie seems so ready and willing to open her heart up to new humans.Macie is starving not just for proper nutrition, but for genuine love and care. Russel Rescue could be the best chance she has at moving past her awful life. There will be no more puppies, no more cages, and no more pain…but we need your help. As Macie is overbred and has obvious health crises that need to be addressed immediately, we’re anticipating her vet bills to be exorbitant. Please consider donating to this sweet baby today and help us show Macie the love and kindness she deserves.Update: They have had most of their vetting and will need more after the holidays. Both are seniors that need little except some loving and reassurance that they will not have to keep being juggled around. They need a forever home now.Macie and Lola are. the perfect example why some people should never have pets! This precious bonded pair of 7# , 12 year old have been turned into a shelter. They have NEVER had any vetting what so ever. Lived in wire cages with nothing to protect their tiny feet from the pain. We have committed to take them but they will have to stay in boarding ( better than they have had in their sad lives) unless someone steps up and offers to foster or adopt. They will be going to have their first vet visit and be sure they have a complete go over. Please it is Christmas. Do something to make a difference in their lives. We guarantee it will be the most appreciated present you ever gave.Available dogs are met by pre-approved adopters ONLY after a match is made.The application is the first step. Please complete the adoption (or foster) application here: do not have any paid staff members. We are 100% volunteer powered. Thx for your patience.If you’d like to help offset the costs of our precious dogs care: Donations can be made via PayPal or Venmo @russellrescuetn (Russell Rescue Inc, Columbia, TN; Mary Ruth Rogers, last 4 of phone 5889)Find all of our links here: 4, 2023, 4:06 pm

Or, how about these Maltese in cities near Columbia, Tennessee

These Maltese are available for adoption close to Columbia, Tennessee.
Photo of Gretchen


Maltese Yorkie, Yorkshire Terrier

Female, Senior
Nashville, TN
(when grown) -
If you are interested in adopting Gretchen, please fill out an adoption application at and email us with questions: Location: Los Angeles, CA

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Russell Rescue, Inc.

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Beagle Freedom Project-TN

Nashville, TN 37115

Pet Types: cats, dogs, farm animals, rabbits

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