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What is a Schipperke?

Schipperke traits

Spits, Spitzke, Little Black Fox
9-13 inches
7-20 pounds
13-15 years
Schipperke characteristics
5 yrs 20 yrs
Grooming needs
Occasionally Frequently
Good with kids
Needs lots of supervision Ready to play
Good with cats
Likely to chase Hey, new pal!
Training Aptitude
Headstrong Eager to please
Full-grown size
Teeny tiny Super size
Schipperke adoption

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Photo of Dana


Schipperke Jindo

Female, 4 yrs 6 mos
Torrance, CA
(when grown) Med. 26-60 lbs (12-27 kg)
Good with kids, Good with dogs, House-trained, Spayed or Neutered, Shots are up-to-date,
Meet the gentle lady Dana! 🐶💜 Dana gave birth to 8 baby puppies at the shelter. We were so amazed by her strong spirit and heart. She tried to take good care of all the babies, and all of them met their forever family. Now it's her turn to get some love and care!! Dana has beautiful black fur and cute brown eyes!💕 She's wearing white socks. She's calm and so gentle. * Energy level (1~10): lv.4 * She won’t initiate approaching someone, but she warms up quickly and is very gentle!
Photo of Rosy


Schipperke Terrier (Unknown Type, Small)

Female, 8 mos
Torrance, CA
(when grown) Small 25 lbs (11 kg) or less
Good with kids, Good with dogs, Good with cats, House-trained, Spayed or Neutered, Shots are up-to-date,
Meet Rosy❣️ She's rescued from Korean city shelter with her sibling, Rose. Although she almost entirely lost her fur due to severe dermatitis, she was able to overcome it on her own. She also recovered from parvovirus!! What a brave girl! * Appeared timid at first but with time turns to such a endearing dog that shows affection to people and wags tail.🥰 * Loves other dog companion! Hesitates a little when she sees overly energetic dogs but wags tail and greets them soon. * Separation Anxiety : Whines a little at first but calms down quickly and waits patiently. * Potty Training : works well on pads! Usually goes walking for outdoor potty. * Has trainings on walks and is learning how to walk in step with a walker. * Woofs at strange noises but stops quickly. Other than that, no barking at all! 💙 Foster's Instagram: @maze_plus_rozy 💙 Health Issues : Under treatment of Giardiasis and Corona
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Photo of Laon


Schipperke Jindo

Male, 2 yrs
Torrance, CA
(when grown) Small 25 lbs (11 kg) or less
Good with dogs, House-trained, Spayed or Neutered, Shots are up-to-date,
Meet Laon! He is a male dog, born in December 2021, weighing 5.3kg, and was rescued by our team. Laon is well-trained with his bathroom habits, using pee pads 100% of the time at home and preferring to potty outdoors. He does not mark indoors. Laon barks when strangers enter but calms down quickly when told not to. He enjoys walks once a day, though he prefers to come home quickly when it's cold after doing his business. He gets along well with dogs his size or smaller, but is afraid of larger dogs and may bark at them. He is also wary of men and children, and tends to be cautious around new people. During bath time, Laon behaves well even though he doesn't particularly like it. He is also good with teeth brushing and grooming. Laon does not have separation anxiety and is fine being left alone at home. He prefers to sleep in the master bedroom. He tends to bond more quickly with female caregivers. Initially, he may be a bit cautious and fearful, but with time, he becomes a loving family member. Laon currently eats Natural Lab Care3 food. He has had some issues with itching and has been to the vet, who suggested that he might have allergies. Although he loves food, he won't eat if he's uncomfortable, but with a bit of patience, he will come around. *Please send all inquiries to @everlove8282. *Please submit your applications through the application form on our Instagram profile! Our team will carefully consider each of your applications to find the perfect forever homes for our dogs. *As all of our dogs are currently in South Korea, there will be an adoption fee of 700USD + customs fee (if applicable) for each dog. —> All details are on the poster! Please check it carefully.
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