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How can I find a home for my Australian Shepherd?

by Adopt a Pet, | January 8, 2024


You can find a home for your Australian Shepherd in a range of places online and offline. When you need to give up your dog, you will naturally want to find a place for them that will be safe. Ultimately, you will want to find him a new home where he will be loved and cared for properly. Some options can work very well for finding a fantastic home for your pet, and others should be used as a last resort. Below, we will look a little closer at each of these options.

Finding Someone You Know to Adopt Your Australian Shepherd

An ideal option is to allow someone you already know to adopt your dog. If you have a family member or a friend, or one of their friends who is looking to adopt a dog, you may want to consider this option. One of the benefits of this is that you will already know the person, or you will be able to find out more about them if they’re a friend of the family. You can be sure that your dog is going to someone who can take good care of him.

Bringing Your Dog to a Rescue

Another option that you might want to consider if you don’t know someone who can adopt your dog is to find a rescue. Rescues are no-kill locations where a dog can stay until he has have been adopted. Of course, there is no guarantee that someone will adopt your dog.

Bringing Your Dog to a Shelter

In some cases, you may consider taking your Australian Shepherd to a shelter. Shelters can provide a place for your dog to stay, at least for a time. He could be adopted out of the shelter, but this is no guarantee.

Shelters don’t want to euthanize animals, but sometimes they’re overcrowded, and they don’t have a choice. The shelters do their best to care for the animals while they are there, but this should be the last choice when you have run out of other options. Below is one of the best ways to find a loving home for your dog.

Use the Rehome Platform to Make Rehoming Easier

One of the best choices available today is Rehome by Adopt-a-Pet.com. This service will make it easy for owners who have to find a home for an Australian Shepherd much easier. Owners can upload a bio for their dog to let the potential adopters know more about them. They can also upload videos and photos, which can help people become attached to your dog without ever meeting him in person.

The owner can then review the applications and narrow down the choices to find the best possible adopters for their pets. They can then meet the applicants and choose the right new home for their pet. Having this amount of control helps you know that you are providing your pet with a great home.

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