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Tips on Considering Adoption, Over Buying a Poodle Puppy for Sale.

By Adopt-a-Pet.com

Things to Know Before Owning a PoodlePoodle Puppy for Sale
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One of the many reasons people love Poodles is because they are hypoallergenic and do not shed. The good news is that most poodle mixes will retain this quality and be hypoallergenic as well! There is no dog hair to clean up around the house, but Poodles do need quite a bit of grooming in order to stay clean, avoid matting of their fur, and feel their best. They will need regular bathing and trimming.

Poodles are known to be exceptionally smart and motivated. They thrive with activity that keeps them physically agile as well as mentally stimulated. As you may know, commonly small dogs tend to live longer. Therefore the toy and miniature Poodles may have longer lifespans than standard Poodles which are the bigger version of the breed. Originally bred as water dogs, if a Poodle is exposed to water with a positive association, they can learn to love it!

While certain dog breeds often exhibit specific tendencies, please remember that good behavior is achieved through positive training, consistency, bonding, and proper pet care. All dogs truly are unique and all of them require a lot of love. Before finding a four legged family member to bring into your household, please consider the lifetime commitment, effort, and needs required when adopting a Poodle.

5 Reasons to Consider Adopting Over Buying a Poodle for sale from a store, or Poodle Breeder:

  1. Adoption is More Affordable - Typically, adoption fees are much less than you’d pay for a Poodle dogs and puppies for sale at a pet store, or even a reputable Poodle breeder. Adopting is especially a great deal because usually rescued dogs and puppies have already been to the veterinarian for a check-up, had a round of vaccinations, and have been spayed or neutered. It all adds up, but when you choose pet adoption you are paying less for a dog or puppy who is just as perfect as one you’d find for sale!
  2. Near Purebreds & Healthy Mixes - Looking for a specific type of dog or puppy? It is estimated that 30% of all shelter animals are purebred, including Poodles. There are also Poodle rescue organizations specifically devoted to rescuing and adopting out only Poodles. On the other hand, you can find your own one-of-a-kind, amazing mixed-breed dog in a shelter. We love those fabulous mutts! Due to a larger gene pool to draw from, often mixed-breed dogs have fewer behavioral problems or health issues, and can even live longer than purebred dogs. In short, whatever you’re looking for you can find at your local shelter or rescue group, and right here on Adopt-a-Pet.com.
  3. Be a Hero - Selecting a Poodle rescue group or going to your local animal shelter means that you are saving a dog's life. In truth, you are also making room for another dog to enter the shelter; therefore, you are saving another! When you choose to adopt, you’re an instant hero.
  4. Adult Adoption = Less Stress - Adopting an adult dog has many advantages. Adult dogs in shelters often have already been in homes, and many have already be housebroken or have had obedience-trained. Also, since adult dogs’ personalities are already established, it is easy to tell if they are good with children, or familiar and comfortable with other pets. One thing is certain; adult dogs require less attention and less work than puppies do. Best of all, any rescued dog will be forever grateful you saved their life.
  5. Finding the Right Match - Often rescue group and animal shelter staff and volunteers know the personalities of animals, meaning they will know the individual Poodle dogs and puppies in their care. They will be able to better match you up with a dog that fits your lifestyle and activities. This is one of many advantages to finding an adult Poodle dog for adoption, rather than for sale.

Some Poodle Focused Rescues

Below you'll find many Poodle focused rescue organizations. This is not a complete list! If you are a Poodle focused rescue and would like to be included, please sign up for an Adopt-a-Pet.com account here, then submit your request using the Contact Us link after you login to your Adopt-a-Pet.com rescue or shelter account. Thank you!

  • Standard Poodle Rescue of Alabama - Weaver AL
  • Rebel star Kennels - Toney AL
  • Arizona Poodle Rescue - Maricopa AZ
  • Valley of the Sun Poodle Club Rescue - Phoenix AZ
  • BC Poodle and Small Dog Rescue - Victoria BC
  • Safe Haven Rescue & Adoption, Inc. - Kelowna BC
  • Bay Area Poodle Rescue - Berkeley CA
  • The Last Resort Sanctuary - Cotopaxi CO
  • Poodle Rescue CT - Naugatuck CT
  • Northwest Florida & South Alabama Poodle Rescue - Opp AL
  • Florida Poodle Rescue - St. Petersburg FL
  • Cedar Valley Standard Poodle Rescue - Toddville IA
  • Indianapolis Poodle Rescue - Indianapolis IN
  • Chelsea's Legacy - Louisville, KY
  • Creole Poodle Club Rescue - Gonzales LA
  • Poodle Rescue of New England - Somerville MA
  • Southern Paws Standard Poodle and Small Breed Rescue - Vicksburg MS
  • Lets Go Home Now Rescue - Wake Forest NC
  • Adolescent & Animal Resource Fund - Benson NC
  • Watchung Mountain Poodle Club Rescue - flemington NJ
  • Chantelle Standard Poodle Rescue - Chaparral NM
  • The Greater Cincinnati Poodle Club - Cincinnati OH
  • Southern Ohio Standard Poodle Rescue - Mc Dermott OH
  • Mature Dog Adoptions - Ontario CA
  • Standard Poodle and All Breed Rescue - Bowmanville ON
  • Sylvan Bark Poodle Rescue & Red Rover Pet Services - Nashville TN
  • Healing Hearts Animal Rescue - Madison TN
  • Tennessee Poodle & Friends Rescue - Clinton TN
  • Poodle Rescue of North Texa - Dallas TX
  • Fuzzy Face Pet Rescue - Fort Worth TX
  • Seattle Purebred Dog Rescue - Redmond WA
  • The Dog Spot Rescue - Vacaville CA
  • Iggy Palace Rescue - Portage IN