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Do You Have to Pay to Rehome a Border Collie?

by Adopt a Pet, | January 8, 2024


Typically, the only person who will have to pay to rehome a border collie will be the new owner. However, it is essential to understand how rehoming works, and why fees are important.

Why Rehoming Fees Are Essential

Although some do not like the idea of rehoming fees, they play an important role in keeping your dog safe. When you’re simply giving away your dog, there will be more people who are interested in him, but you do not know their intentions. Some may be looking for dogs for training dogs for fighting, those who sell animals to labs, and more. Not everyone loves animals the way you do, and you can’t simply give your border collie to just anyone.

A rehoming fee will help to ensure that the person has a financial stake in the dog they are taking home. They are less likely to want to pay out a fee for a dog if they are not going to keep him safe. It also shows you that they have the financial ability to take proper care of your dog.

Shelters and Rescues Charge Fees

Additionally, when someone gets a dog from a shelter or a rescue, they will generally have to pay a fee for the animal. This helps the facilities to stay afloat financially, and it also ensures that not just anyone is getting your dog. When an owner surrenders a pet to these facilities, they will also have to pay a surrender fee.

Using Rehome as an Owner

If you’re an owner who is rehoming your border collie, you might want to consider using the Rehome platform from Adopt-a-Pet. This site is free for owners to use, so you won’t have to worry about surrender fees. The site lets you create a profile for your border collie, complete with images and videos. This helps you let potential adopters know more about your dog and why they are such a great pet.

When you’re creating your profile for your border collie, you should be honest about your dog. If they do not do well around children or small pets, for example, this needs to be clear in the profile. You want to be sure that only the right people are submitting applications to adopt your dog. The platform ensures that you can find the perfect new home for your dog.

Using Rehome as an Adopter

Those who are looking to adopt a border collie will find that Rehome will make it easier to find a perfect new pet. You can check out all of the dogs that are available for adoption near you, learn more about the dog, and then apply. If you’re chosen to adopt the dog, you’ll then pay a rehoming fee to Rehome. This is a small fee that is similar to what you would pay if you were to visit a shelter or a rescue. The money is used to help other animals to get adopted. 

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