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What Does it Mean to Rehome a Border Collie?

by Adopt a Pet, | January 8, 2024


What does it mean to rehome a Border Collie? As the phrase implies, it means that the dog’s owner finds a new home for the dog. There are many reasons a pet owner may choose to rehome their Border Collie, including a move, behavior issues, or the birth of a baby. In most cases, there are solutions that would allow the dog to stay in his current home. If that’s not possible, working to rehome the dog is the solution that provides the best chance of a positive outcome for the dog. 

Rehoming a Dog: Where Do I Start?

If you’ve never tried to rehome a dog before, the prospect can seem overwhelming, but it really comes down to getting the dog before potential adopters. When you’re dealing with a popular breed like a Border Collie, consider reaching out to breed-specific rescues who may be willing to list the dog on their website.

Another great first step is to view some of the helpful resources found online. One of the best is Rehome by Adopt-a-Pet.com. This site is a plethora of information that’s useful to anyone who is trying to rehome a pet. Also, it includes tools to help you find the perfect home and allows you to:

  • Create a Pet Profile

  • Communicate with Potential Adopters

  • Upload Pet Records 

  • Submit Adoption Paperwork

  • And More! 

How Long Will It Take to Rehome My Border Collie?

How long it will take to find the perfect home depends on how effectively you get your dog in front of the right people. The good news is that it will likely be easier to find a home for a Border Collie than for some other breeds.

Even if it takes a bit of time to rehome your Border Collie, it will be worth it to know that you did all you could to place your dog in a home where he’ll be part of the family!

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