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How much does it cost to surrender a Border Collie?

by Adopt a Pet, | January 8, 2024


The cost to surrender a border collie will typically be between $50 and $150, but many factors will dictate the cost. The location of the facility, as well as the type of facility, play a role. So does the age of the pet.

Additionally, you may find that some shelters or rescues will charge less per pet for those who have to surrender an entire litter. Some rescues may not charge any fees when a dog has been surrendered. However, these are rare.

The best way to determine how much you’ll have to pay when you surrender your border collie is by getting in touch with the organization. They’ll likely have information on their website that will let you know the fees, along with the steps that you need to take when you’re surrendering your dog.

Why Do You Need to Surrender Your Border Collie?

When you contact a facility and try to set up an appointment to drop off your dog, they’ll likely ask several questions. They want to get a better sense of your dog, and they want to know why you’re surrendering her. Some of the most common reasons that people surrender their pets include financial problems, behavioral issues, an upcoming move, and not being able to spend enough time with their dog.

Often, the facility will have some suggestions and some resources they can provide that could help with these issues. For example, they could put you in touch with local doggy daycare facilities or with trainers. Ultimately, they want you to find ways that you can keep your border collie rather than surrendering them since it is a better option for the pet.

Rehoming Rather than Surrendering

If you’re unable to keep your border collie, consider the benefits of rehoming instead of surrendering him. When you rehome, you’ll not have to pay a surrendering fee for starters. However, it also means that you’ll be giving your dog a better life since you’ll help to find them a new home where they’ll be loved.

Rehoming can be done on your own. However, when you put your dog up for adoption, you need to be very careful about who gets him. To ensure people have an interest in your dog as a pet and not for nefarious purposes, always charge a rehoming fee. This ensures that they have a financial interest in your dog. Be sure to check references and learn as much as you can about the people who will be adopting your dog.

To make things easier, you might want to consider using the Rehome platform from Adopt-a-Pet.com. It’s free for owners. This site lets you create a thorough bio of your border collie, letting the potential adopters know more about him. It also lets you add photos and videos. Those who are interested in adopting will fill out an application, which you can then review to ensure you’re sending your border collie to a wonderful, loving home.

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