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What is a Reasonable Rehoming Fee for a Border Collie?

by Adopt a Pet, | January 8, 2024


A reasonable rehoming fee for a border collie could be as much as $150 or more. Purebred border collies tend to have higher rehoming fees than dogs that are mixed with one or more other breeds. For most dogs, the costs will be between $50 and $150, but this can vary based on location, breed, etc.

In addition to pure breeds usually having higher rehoming fees, the age of the dog can play a role in the cost, as well. Those who are interested in adopting a border collie should look at the costs in their area to see what the typical prices for rehoming will be. This can give them a better idea of what they can expect whether they’re heading to a shelter to adopt or they’re adopting through a site like Rehome.

Why Are Rehoming Fees Important?

You might be wondering why people and organizations charge rehoming fees. After all, aren’t they hoping that someone will take the dog? While they always want the dogs to be adopted, they also want to make sure that they’re going to the best possible homes. If you had a border collie that you were giving up, you would certainly want to make sure she was going to a great home where she would be cared for and loved.

However, not everyone has love in their heart when it comes to animals. Some people are looking for dogs that they can use to train fighting dogs, or that they could sell to a lab. It sounds harsh, but it is a reality. People with bad intent often look for others who are giving away dogs online. Charging a rehoming fee will help to curb this activity. People like that don’t want to spend money on an animal.

Do Shelters and Rescues Charge Rehoming Fees?

You will find that shelters and rescues will charge rehoming fees for the same reasons as mentioned above. However, they also charge fees because they need funds to continue operating and to provide for the animals under their care. Even when you’re going to a shelter to adopt a dog, you will have to pay a rehoming fee. Again, the price can vary based on the shelter, the location, the dog’s age, whether they’re a pure breed, etc.

To get a better understanding of how much it will cost, you should get in touch with the shelter to learn more about the fees. You will want to learn how much you need to bring to the shelter if you’re planning to adopt.

Adopt Using Rehome

Rehome by Adopt-a-Pet.com is an online platform that can put potential adopters into contact with owners who are looking to rehome their border collie, along with other breeds. The owners can put up profiles of their dogs, and the adopters can read the profiles to find the perfect dog to bring home. The site does charge a rehoming fee to the adopter, but it is comparable to what would be paid at a shelter or a rescue.

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