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Male, 2 yrs
Minneapolis, MN
(when grown) X-Large 101 lbs (46 kg) or more
Good with kids, Good with dogs, Good with cats, House-trained, Spayed or Neutered, Shots are up-to-date,
If you are interested in BRUCE or in adopting a pup in general, the first step is an adoption application. Download an adoption application here Please email the completed application to Please submit an application rather than an inquiry with no application attached. BRUCE is a gentle soul with a heart of gold. He is wonderful with big dogs, small dogs, and everything in between. BRUCE is intelligent, compassionate, and affectionate. He likes to be near his people and wants nothing more than to please them. As much as he loves adults, he loves children even more. He is fabulous in the car and always friendly, which means he is the dog who can go anywhere! While he is perfectly content lounging around the house with you, he is equally as thrilled to be accompanying you on whatever adventure you have chosen for the day, making him a perfect traveling companion. BRUCE enjoys spending time with his fellow canine friends. He loves to romp and play outside with them and has yet to meet one he didn’t get along with. His very best friend is a 10lb chihuahua, and they are basically inseparable. BRUCE is housebroken, crate trained and has wonderful manners while inside. His sweet nature endears him to everyone he meets. This guy is one of those rare gentle souls that some people are never lucky enough to meet in their lifetimes. BRUCE is housebroken, crate trained and has wonderful manners while inside. His forever family is going to hit the jackpot with this boy and be showered with love for years to come! As with all of our dogs, we want BRUCE to go to the perfect forever home for HIM. We want his transition from foster home to forever home to be as easy as possible. Therefore, BRUCE's forever will ideally have at least one other canine family member. Previous mastiff ownership is a plus, but not required. That being said, large/xl dog experience is required to be considered for adoption. To see even more pictures of BRUCE, please copy and paste the following link into your browser: BRUCE is neutered, microchipped and up to date on all vaccinations including 2 rounds of both the H3N2 and H3N8 canine influenza vaccinations. His $540 adoption fee covers his interstate health certificate and the cost of transport to the midwest For an adoption application on BRUCE click here Please email the completed application to It typically takes us around 5 BUSINESS DAYS to process an application. We will reach out to you as soon as your application is processed. Thank you in advance for your patience. All of our dogs start their journey in Memphis, Tennessee where they remain in loving foster families until they are adopted. Once adopted, some pups stay local in Memphis. Many others travel via one of our transport partners to their new forever homes. We use Pet Express Transport ( for our Nashville, Knoxville and New England adoptions. For our Midwest adopters, we have our own private transport. Breed selection is done in conjunction with two local vets and is not to be considered a guarantee but rather a well-educated decision from well qualified staff. Due to the extremely high volume of inquiries we receive, we ask that you request, complete, and submit an application before asking additional questions. We try very hard to include all pertinent information in our bios. We are excited to help you find your new family member. However, Woof River is 100% volunteer operated. We want to spend our time saving dogs and assisting those adopters who have taken the time to complete an application. Thank you for understanding. Please LIKE Woof River on Facebook! Thank you for choosing rescue!!
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Special Needs
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Photo of Merida


English Bulldog

Female, Adult
St. Louis Park, MN
(when grown) Large 61-100 lbs (28-45 kg)
Good with kids, Good with dogs, Needs special attention, Spayed or Neutered,
You can fill out an adoption application online on our official website. Thank you for stopping by to see me!  Please fill out an application to set up  a private meeting.  Hello, my name is Merida and oh my stars, have I been busy since coming into rescue here.  Let’s get the nuts and bolts out of the way.  I’m still working on potty training but to my defense, most dogs that come into rescue are still learning this trick.  I have been going in the same spot, so it makes it easier to determine when I need to go out. (wink wink)  I am a bulldog afterall and do have some dry eye issues, that I happily take meds for. My eyelashes curl in a bit, but keeping those nice and lubricated helps with that, too! The vet said I don't need surgery on those, so long as I get my eye drops! I also don’t require a fenced yard although I won’t turn one away.  I haven’t had lots of practice using a leash for walking yet but that just gives us time to work on that together.  I keep my kennel clean all day long despite a grumble and whimper when you first put me in there. Mainly because I’m a little lover. People are my jam. I get so darn excited around them that sometimes I go THROUGH them, so maybe older kids and sure-footed people for now. BULLDOOOZZER! I end up under your feet a lot also because I just want to be where you are.  So don’t try putting me outside to potty by myself because I will barrel through the door to get to you! I don’t like to be left alone.  I’m an angel with dogs of all sizes but that being said, I’m ok to be an only dog as long as you promise to socialize me and help me with proper doggie etiquette.  I’d love another dog to keep learning from if you have one, however. I don’t play with toys much at this point but have recently discovered an interest in cords that are plugged in and chair legs, so be mindful.  I redirect easily with a bone or some simple scratches. Again, I am learning so much about being in a home! My foster mom said I am the perfect combination of couch potato and energy.  I hope you agree! If you are looking for a goofy speedbump in your house – well, nice to meet you because that is ME! *Please note that some of our dogs are obtained from shelters, surrendered to our care, or released from breeders. Each animal's bio is based on our experience of the animal within our care, an educated guess based on physical characteristics, temperament and information shared. Each dog receives basic grooming when coming into rescue, but for some dogs they have not received grooming attention until recently and grooming may be required shortly after adoption. This will be at the adopter’s expense, so we encourage you to research the breed and be prepared for grooming expenses. Underdog cannot guarantee hypoallergenic or non-shedding qualities of any dogs in our rescue. Some of the animals come from situations where they are lacking experience in a home and confidence in humans. In turn, they require another companion dog and/or a fenced in yard in their forever home in order for them to feel safe. If you are interested in a particular dog whose bio states those needs and do not currently have them, please understand that your home might not be the right fit. Please use the filter on our Adoptable Dogs page to find the perfect match for your home.     Bulldogs are a member of the Brachycephalic breed and therefore have a host of health issues that may arise.  Because these dogs are new into our rescue, health issues in the future may arise that we are not aware of.  Some of these issues are allergies, eye issues, yeast infections, interdigital cysts, slipped disks in their back, breathing problems, among a host of others that can occur at any time or when seasons change. While breed experience is not required, we encourage you to thoroughly research the breed and its financial, medical, and environmental needs to be sure the breed is a good fit for you and your family.  It is estimated that the average bulldog owner spends $2,000 per year on medical needs.         In addition to normal pre adoption surgeries, Merida also had surgery on her nares and soft palate to improve the quality of her breathing. This is reflected within her adoption fee. Bulldogs are one of the most expensive dogs to own, maintain, and rescue and our adoption fees reflect such expenses.  The application process for bulldogs usually moves quite quickly as they are a popular breed, so we ask that adopters do research and be prepared for adoption at the time you submit your application.  They are happy, goofy, playful characters and we are excited you are taking the first steps into rescuing one!   This dog requires an application fee.  This fee must be paid within 24 hours or your application will be considered void.    We will not review or contact applicants that have not completed the payment portion. Bulldog Applications will be responded to within 5 business days, after receipt of the application fee.  Please understand that paying the fee does not guarantee you will be approved to adopt the bulldog. Our goal is place bulldogs in homes that are suited for their individual needs. You may be willing and able to provide a great home, but if it doesn’t meet the specific needs of the bulldog, we will not approve your application. ***Be sure to check your spam/junk folder as sometimes our emails end up there*** Visit this organization's web site to see any additional information available about this pet.If you have other questions about me you can email Underdog Rescue at <> ADOPTION EVENTS:      Adoption events are updated at the top of each dogs animals' as their foster home signs up. Check back for updates on which events they will be attending. If an event is not listed within their bio above, the animal is not planning to attend.  Please understand that all of our pets are in volunteer foster homes and sometimes "life" happens and the foster family cannot make it to their scheduled adoption event. If you are traveling from a far distance to meet a specific animal, please understand we cannot guarantee event attendance. We recommend filling out an application and we will set up a private appointment. Private appointments are only scheduled after an application is submitted and approved. ADOPTION PROCEDURE: The first step in our process is to complete an online adoption application on our website:   Note: In most circumstances Underdog Rescue will only adopt within 60 miles of Minneapolis, MN.  All of our foster animals can be seen by appointment with an approved adoption application. Contact us at if you have further questions. FOSTER CARE: All of our animals are fostered in individual homes or doggie daycare facilities. While they are in our care, they are part of our families and given lots of love. We work on training, crate-training and socialization prior to adoption, but each bio is written by the foster as they see them, in their home. Each animal's behavior is evaluated and we have a sense of its temperament and personality, but it cannot be guaranteed. We look for adopters who will give each animal the wonderful life and permanent home that he or she deserves in time and with patience.  If you have an interest and ability to be a foster home, please visit our website  and fill out a foster application. NUTRITION: Nutrition is vital to the rehabilitation and life-long health of our pets.  All of our foster animals are fed a premium diet such as NutriSource, Canidae, Orijen, Nature's Variety, Fromm, Pure Vita, Stella and Chewy's, Primal, or balanced raw diet.  All adopters are required to continue providing premium diets for the life of the animal. YOU CAN HELP: Not able to foster or adopt right now? Please consider sponsoring an Underdog. Your donation will help us buy dog food and pay for medical costs. Visit this link   to donate.  (Please note: A Paypal account is not necessary to use Paypal. When you get to the Paypal page, just use the link to the left of their login to make your donation via Paypal without an account.) June 13, 2024, 10:55 pm
We'll also keep you updated on Boss's adoption status with email updates.
Photo of Boss


English Bulldog

Male, Adult
Brooklyn Center, MN
(when grown) Large 61-100 lbs (28-45 kg)
Good with kids, Good with dogs, Not good with cats, House-trained, Spayed or Neutered, Shots are up-to-date,
Hi I'm Boss, I'm an energetic one year old American bulldog that would love a home to play and run around at! My fosters say I have an animated personality that pictures just can't capture, so hopefully this bio can help out with that! My favorite toy is my basketball, that I love to play with like it's a good game of soccer! Though I have many pass time activities like going on walks, my favorite one is going on car rides and sticking my head out the window. I love watching all the things go by, it's so entertaining! (don't worry it's half way so I'll be safe!). My training is still in progress, some of my difficulties right now that I'm working on are jumping when excited, being mouthy when playing, maintaining my energy properly, finding ways to deal with my boredom and noticing dogs' boundary queues. Some things I'm trained on is kennel time, and getting your attention when I need to use the restroom (my fosters use bells, and i ring them when I need to go!). I have been around kids, and though I'm good, my energy can be a bit high for them so older kiddos might be a better fit for me right now. I'm still in progress with getting used to cats, I'm still curious about them, so I can be vocal and jumpy towards them but a home with no cats might be a better fit for me. I'm highly curious about smaller animals and I am known for chasing chickens.. but I am good with dogs! My energy is also a bit of a struggle with making new friends, but the ones that match my playful puppy energy are my favorite! I love going on walks, and getting the zoomies in my foster's backyard! Though my energy is high, I'm still a love bug at HEART (hint: look at the birthmark on my nose).  Adoption fee includes: Full veterinary exam, Alter, Prepaid microchip, Dewormed, Rabies vaccine (if age appropriate), Distemper combo vaccine(s) appropriate to age, Bordetella vaccine, 4DX (over 6 months of age), Flea/tick and heartworm preventative while in rescue. Adoption fee:  $525.00 Visit this organization's web site to see any additional information available about this pet.June 14, 2024, 12:43 am

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WOOF RIVER ANIMAL RESCUE- Minnetonka transport

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