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What is an American Pit Bull Terrier?

American Pit Bull Terrier traits

Pittie, APBT, Pibble
18-22 inches
31-80 pounds
10-14 years
American Pit Bull Terrier characteristics
5 yr 20 yrs
Grooming needs
Occasionally Frequently
Good with kids
Needs lots of supervision Ready to play
Good with cats
Likely to chase Hey, new pal!
Training aptitude
Headstrong Eager to please
Full-grown size
Teeny tiny Supersize
American Pit Bull Terrier adoption

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Photo of Bella


American Pit Bull Terrier

Female, 7 yrs 1 mo
Los Angeles, CA
(when grown) Large 61-100 lbs (28-45 kg)
Good with kids, Not good with dogs, Not good with cats, House-trained, Spayed or Neutered, Shots are up-to-date,
Meet Bella! A 7-year-old American Pitbull Terrier hailing from San Tan Valley, Arizona. Bella is looking for her next loving family, ready to accompany them on long walks, indulge in playtime, and engage in backyard running sessions. She thrives on being with her "people" and cherishes their company! When it comes to obedience, Bella is quite the scholar! She readily responds to commands such as sit, stay, come, dinner, treat, and many other words commonly used in daily conversations. Her eagerness to please makes training sessions a breeze! Bella is the epitome of a loving and loyal companion. However, it's essential to note that she cannot coexist with other dogs or cats. She has displayed aggression on two separate occasions, resulting in physical altercations with family dogs within the household. Therefore, caution must be exercised when introducing her to other canines. Despite her aversion to other animals, Bella has never shown aggression towards people. She is playful, devoted, and maintains a medium energy level. Her friendly disposition extends to strangers, and she is particularly good with children! Rest assured, Bella's vaccinations are up to date, and she has been spayed and microchipped for added security. If you're interested in learning more about Bella or considering her for adoption, feel free to reach out to us directly at We'd be happy to provide you with further information about this wonderful companion! Also, Bella is open to a long-distance adoption—love knows no distance when finding your perfect companion!
We'll also keep you updated on Skipper's adoption status with email updates.
Photo of Skipper


American Pit Bull Terrier

Male, 2 yrs 7 mos
Los Angeles, CA
(when grown) Med. 26-60 lbs (12-27 kg)
Good with kids, Good with dogs, House-trained, Spayed or Neutered, Shots are up-to-date,
Meet Skipper! A 2.5-year-old Pitbull hailing from Albuquerque, NM, with a willingness to travel for a new home. His journey began uniquely, being rescued from the Bahamas as a young pup and brought to the US in search of his forever family. This adventurous start seems to have instilled in him a love for exploration and companionship! His interests span a wide range of activities, from swimming and digging to running and playing fetch. However, Skipper's favorite pastime might be cuddling up with his favorite humans, relishing in their affection! He enjoys a variety of toys, from bones to stuffed toys to rope toys, which keep him happily occupied, especially during his favorite activities like digging and swimming. Although he hasn't received formal obedience training, Skipper is quite clever and has learned a repertoire of commands, showcasing his intelligence. While generally easygoing, Skipper can be a bit timid around new people initially, but he warms up quickly with patience and love, revealing his affectionate nature. When left alone for short periods, Skipper finds solace in his toys, particularly his bones, or enjoys watching the world go by if he's outdoors. Indoors, he retreats to his kennel, where he either chews on his bone or takes a nap. Skipper's ideal home would be one filled with love, safety, and happiness! He's up-to-date on vaccinations, spayed/neutered, house-trained, and microchipped. Additionally, he gets along well with other dogs and young children, making him an excellent companion for families. With his medium energy level, Skipper thrives in a setting with a fenced-in yard where he can freely explore and play. Also, Skipper is open to a long-distance adoption—love knows no distance when finding your perfect companion! If you're interested in providing Skipper with the loving home he deserves, please email for more information on adopting him!
We'll also keep you updated on Zipper's adoption status with email updates.
Photo of Zipper


American Pit Bull Terrier

Female, 3 yrs 1 mo
Los Angeles, CA
(when grown) Large 61-100 lbs (28-45 kg)
Good with kids, Needs experienced adopter, House-trained, Spayed or Neutered, Shots are up-to-date,
Meet Zipper! A lovable three-year-old American Pitbull Terrier from San Tan Valley, AZ, who sports a sleek gray and white coat that perfectly matches her charming personality. Zipper is the embodiment of a cuddly companion, with a love for snuggling that knows no bounds! Zipper’s zest for life is evident in her favorite pastimes: she thrives on playful walks and interactive training sessions. Her toy box is a true testament to her playful spirit, filled with an eclectic mix of tiny squeakers and hilariously oversized playthings that she adores. Trained to know several commands like 'sit', 'wait', 'lay down', and 'paw', she’s as smart as she is sweet. Though Zipper is wonderfully social with humans and shows great gentleness with children, she prefers to be the sole pet in the home. Zipper has experienced some challenges with dog reactivity, but with three months of training and medication, she's shown significant improvement. To continue her progress, it's important for her new family to work with a behaviorist or trainer. Zipper's loving and loyal nature will flourish with the right support! Zipper's most endearing trait? Once she's snug and settled, she’s an endless fountain of kisses, showing her affection without reserve. She's seeking a patient, loving family who understands that she needs a little time to adjust to new environments. With her medium energy level and flexible routine, she’s ready to fit right into her forever home. This charming girl is also in excellent health, weighing a healthy 75 pounds, and comes fully prepared for adoption with up-to-date vaccinations, spaying, microchipping, and crate training all completed. Does Zipper sound like the perfect addition to your family? Imagine the snuggles and fun waiting just for you! Why not let those endless kisses be for you? To inquire about adopting Zipper, please contact! Could Zipper be your new best friend?
We'll also keep you updated on Jake's adoption status with email updates.
Photo of Jake


Pit Bull Terrier

Male, 8 yrs 2 mos
los angeles, CA
(when grown) Large 61-100 lbs (28-45 kg)
Good with kids, Good with dogs, House-trained, Spayed or Neutered, Shots are up-to-date,
Handsome Jake is just an amazing dog!  He listens well and will make someone a GREAT companion.  He has good energy and a positive outlook on life despite spending over three months trapped at the Baldwin Park Animal Shelter.  He's very food motivated and knows basic comands.  He is also good around other dogs and he's learning to walk on the leash.  Just wait until you see this good looking boy's HUGE SMILE!!!   ##1376874##
We'll also keep you updated on Penny's adoption status with email updates.
Photo of Penny


Pit Bull Terrier Akita

Female, 8 yrs 4 mos
los angeles, CA
(when grown) Large 61-100 lbs (28-45 kg)
Good with kids, House-trained, Spayed or Neutered, Shots are up-to-date,
Penny is truly the sweetest family dog. She is calm and gentle. Penny is very affectionate and LOVES people. Penny loves getting pets and belly rubs. She is a pit bull mix about 6 years young with a beautiful copper-colored coat (hence her name Penny!). Our sweet Penny was in the Carson animal shelter for 6 months before she received her final notice. She was rescued late February this year, and she's been living with me (her current foster mom) for a little over 4 months.    Penny is happy just sitting next to anyone in the family. She's not a fan of long walks but she enjoys short walks and loves lounging in the sun. Penny is house trained and is very good at some tricks. Penny is not the best with other dogs but she may be able to live with another calm large dog with training. Penny has some skin allergies so she takes apoquel regularly and currently eats a mix of plant-based and fish-based food. Penny would be an amazing family dog!    ##1635113##
We'll also keep you updated on Murphy's adoption status with email updates.
Photo of Murphy


Pit Bull Terrier

Male, 8 yrs 2 mos
Los Angeles, CA
(when grown) Large 61-100 lbs (28-45 kg)
Good with kids, House-trained, Spayed or Neutered, Shots are up-to-date,
Meet Murphy the Meatball! He is a senior Pittie who is approximately 8 years old, 85 lbs, and has been waiting to be adopted for a year! His story is a sad one, but we are turning that around now! This poor guy was abandoned multiple times and left outside to fend for himself. First abandoned at a car wash and then taken in by someone else just to be chained up outside 24/7 in all kinds of weather.  His new "owner" decided he wanted nothing to do with him and considered euthanasia, but instead decided to put him to the streets. He was out in the pouring rain, and being harassed and beaten by homeless people on the street. Thankfully a good samaritan neighbor came to his aid, bringing him out of the rain and keeping him away from other outside dangers in her bathroom, the only available space she had away from her own animals. She reached out to get him help and that's where Samsons squad came in. Less than 24 hours later, he was safe with us. Even though he arrived covered in tar, cigarette burns, and scars he met us with a smile, a wiggle, and so many thank you kisses.  Since he went home with his foster mom, he just loves to lounge around on his comfy couch and gaze out the window at the birds. He is a very polite and even a house trained boy who would love to spend the rest of his days napping and going for walks, where he will undoubtedly make friends on any path he chooses. Despite his size he is even gentle with all people, even little kids! Murphy would do best in a home as an only pet. A home where he can just be loved on and lounge around with his human. Like to snuggle and sleep in? Murphy is your guy! This boy loves to eat and sleep, with an occasional romp around the house or game of tug on his favorite kong wubby toy before resuming his nap time.  Apply to take this wonderful meatball home today!
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American Pit Bull Terrier information
Frequently asked questions

American Pit Bull Terrier Basics

Learn about about American Pit Bull Terrier basics like where American Pit Bull Terrier come from, how many different types of American Pit Bull Terrier you can find, and what other breeds mix with American Pit Bull Terrier.

Yes, the American Staffordshire Terrier is considered a type of Pit Bull. While there are variations in appearance and temperament among Pit Bull breeds, the American Staffordshire Terrier is one of the breeds closely related to the American Pit Bull Terrier. The American Staffordshire Terrier, the American Pit Bull Terrier, and the Staffordshire Bull Terrier share common ancestry and were originally bred for similar purposes.

Breeds that are commonly mixed with American Pit Bull Terriers include Labrador Retrievers, Boxers, Bulldogs, American Staffordshire Terriers, German Shepherds, Huskies, and Cattle Dogs. Characteristics of a Pit Bull mix can vary widely depending on the specific breeds involved, the individual dog's genetics, and its upbringing. A few common Pit Bull mixes include:

  • Pitsky (Pit Bull + Husky)

  • German Pit (German Shepherd + Pit Bull)

  • Pitador (APBT + Labrador Retriever)

  • Golden Bull (Golden Retriever + APBT)

  • Shar Pull (Shar Pei + APBT)

American Pit Bull Terriers are considered a single breed, but there are several distinct bloodlines or types within the breed. Five notable types include the American Pit Bull Terrier, Red Nose and Blue Nose Pit Bull, Colby Pit Bull, and the Gotti Pit Bull. These strains are not separate breeds, but rather variations within the American Pit Bull Terrier breed, and their traits can vary based on breeding practices and individual genetics.

American Pitbull Terriers originate from the British Isles in the 19th century, where bull breeds were bred with terrier breeds to create both the American Pit Bull and the American Staffordshire Terrier. Originally bred for bull-baiting and dogfighting, their purpose evolved over time, and they became versatile working dogs on farms and beloved family pets.

American Pit Bull Terrier Appearance

Learn about about the American Pit Bull Terrier general appearance like their size, colors, and grooming needs.

American Pit Bull Terriers come in a variety of coat colors and patterns, including solid colors such as brindle and black, two-tone colors such as blue, fawn, chocolate, and lilac with white markings, and multi-colored patterns such as black and tan, red and white, blue and white, and brindle and white. Some Pit Bulls may also exhibit the merle pattern, characterized by marbled or dappled coloring.

American Pit Bull Terriers are a medium-sized breed, most weighing between 31 to 80 pounds and standing around 18 to 22 inches tall at the shoulder. The size of an American Pit Bull Terrier mix can vary depending on the specific breeds involved in the mix and the individual dog’s genetics.

American Pit Bull Terriers are moderate shedders. They have short, sleek coats that don't require extensive grooming, but shedding is a natural process for them. The amount of shedding can vary depending on the dog, and factors like season, health, and genetics can play a role. Regular brushing (a few times a week) can help minimize shedding by removing loose fur and distributing natural oils through the coat.

American Pit Bull Terrier Temperament

Learn about about the American Pit Bull Terrier temperament and how well they fit into your lifestyle, home environment, and family.

American Pit Bull Terriers are intelligent and eager to please, which can make them quite trainable, but they can also be strong-willed and stubborn at times. With consistent, positive reinforcement training methods, patience, and early socialization, they can be well-behaved and obedient companions. At the same time, it’s essential to understand that individual temperament can vary, and some Pit Bulls may require more time and effort in training. The key is to establish a firm yet loving bond with your American Pit Bull Terrier and make training sessions fun and engaging, which will likely lead to a well-trained and happy pup.

American Pit Bull Terriers are not known as excessive barkers. Though they have a moderate tendency to bark, they tend to be alert and protective dogs, so they may bark to alert family members to potential intruders or unusual sounds. However, their barking behavior can vary from one individual Pit Bull to another, and it’s influenced by factors like their environment, socialization, and training.

Yes, American Pit Bull Terriers can be excellent family dogs. They’re known for their affection, loyalty, and protective nature, making them fantastic family companions. They’re extremely people-oriented and love to please their family members. Just keep in mind that each Pit Bull has a unique personality, so early training, socialization, and responsible pet parenting are key to ensuring they grow up to be the best furry family members possible.

American Pit Bull Terriers are known to be good with kids given their affectionate and gentle nature. Their loyalty and protective instincts make them great companions, and many Pit Bulls are known for forming strong bonds with kids. However, it’s crucial to provide early socialization and proper training to ensure they interact safely with children and to teach both the dog and children how to respect boundaries.

As with any breed, it is recommended that your child is always supervised when interacting with your American Pit Bull Terrier to keep both the child and dog safe.

Yes, American Pit Bull Terriers and cats can get along, but it really depends on each individual animal’s personality. With some love, patience, and proper introductions, they can be pals in no time. Just keep in mind that Pit Bulls have a natural hunting instinct, so it’s vital to supervise their initial interactions and give them time to adjust to each other’s presence.

American Pit Bull Terrier Health

Learn about about the American Pit Bull Terrier health outlook and what diseases they may be prone to at various stages of their life.

Yes, American Pit Bull Terriers require grooming, but because they have short, sleek coats, they are relatively low-maintenance. They require regular brushing to reduce shedding, occasional baths with dog-specific shampoo, nail trimming every two to four weeks, ear cleaning, and dental care. Grooming frequency can vary based on your American Pit Bull Terrier’s specific needs and sensitivities, so it’s best to consult with a veterinarian or professional groomer. 

Common health issues that American Pit Bull Terriers can be prone to include:

  • Hip dysplasia: This is a genetic condition where the hip joint doesn't develop properly, leading to pain and mobility issues.

  • Allergies: Pit Bulls can be prone to skin allergies and food sensitivities, resulting in itching, rashes, and ear infections.

  • Skin problems: They may develop skin conditions like demodectic mange, hot spots, or dermatitis due to their short coat and sensitivity.

  • Heart disease: Certain cardiac conditions, such as dilated cardiomyopathy, can affect Pit Bulls. Regular vet check-ups are crucial for early detection and management.

It's important to note that not all Pit Bulls will experience these issues, and responsible breeding practices can help minimize the risk. Regular veterinary care, a balanced diet, exercise, and grooming can contribute to their overall health and well-being.

Adopting an American Pit Bull Terrier

Learn about about acquiring a American Pit Bull Terrier – the pros and cons of adopting versus going through a breeder, and associated costs.

The cost of an American Pit Bull Terrier can vary quite a bit depending on several factors. Prices can range from $500 to $2,500 or more, depending on the dog's lineage, pedigree, and the breeder's reputation. If you're considering adopting from a shelter or rescue, fees are much lower, typically in the range of $100 to $300. Remember that the initial cost is just the beginning; you'll also need to budget for ongoing expenses like food, grooming, vet care, and more.

The best way to adopt an American Pit Bull Terrier would be through a rescue that specializes in American Pit Bull Terriers. A great place to start would be by starting a breed search on Adopt a Pet. The search will show you all the available American Pit Bull Terriers in your area.

American Pit Bull Terrier fun facts

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