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Great Tips for Searching for a Beagle Puppy or Dog for Adoption, Rather Than for Sale


Things to Know Before Owning a BeagleBeagle Puppy for Sale
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Beagles are typically small to medium in size and display many of the physical characteristics of the hound family. They have warm, expressive eyes that exemplify the ‘hound dog’ look, long floppy ears, and a short coat. Beagle mixes such as the Puggle and the Bogle often retain some of these characteristics while others such as the Bea Griffon and Beaglier tend to have a very different appearance.

Those who share their home with Beagles and Beagle mixes frequently describe them as highly social dogs, possessing an even temperament and gentle disposition. They tend to love children and are generally very accepting of other dogs.

Beagles are scent hounds and were originally bred to chase and hunt, so it is important to keep them on a leash in an open environment. For the same reason they may want to go after non-canine animals in their house or on their property.

Beagles are social by nature and can sometimes be mischievous or noisy when left alone, as they prefer to be with others. Though they are happy to have humans as their pack, they tend to be happiest in a home with multiple dogs. Having one or more four legged friends in the home will often keep your Beagle or Beagle mix from feeling lonely.

The Top 5 Reasons to Consider Adopting Over Buying a Beagle from a Pet Store or Beagle Breeder:

  1. Adoption is More Affordable - Typically, adoption fees are much less than you’d pay for a Beagle dogs and puppies for sale at a pet store, or even a reputable Beagle breeder. Adopting is especially a great deal because usually rescued dogs and puppies have already been to the veterinarian for a check-up, had a round of vaccinations, and have been spayed or neutered. It all adds up, but when you choose pet adoption you are paying less for a dog or puppy who is just as perfect as one you’d find for sale!
  2. Near Purebreds & Healthy Mixes - Looking for a specific type of dog or puppy? It is estimated that 30% of all shelter animals are purebred, including Beagles. There are also Beagle rescue organizations specifically devoted to rescuing and adopting out only Beagles. On the other hand, you can find your own one-of-a-kind, amazing mixed-breed dog in a shelter. We love those fabulous mutts! Due to a larger gene pool to draw from, often mixed-breed dogs have fewer behavioral problems or health issues, and can even live longer than purebred dogs. In short, whatever you’re looking for you can find at your local shelter or rescue group, and right here on
  3. Be a Hero - Selecting a Beagle rescue group or going to your local animal shelter means that you are saving a dog's life. In truth, you are also making room for another dog to enter the shelter; therefore, you are saving another! When you choose to adopt, you’re an instant hero.
  4. Adult Adoption = Less Stress - Adopting an adult dog has many advantages. Adult dogs in shelters often have already been in homes, and many have already be housebroken or have had obedience-trained. Also, since adult dogs’ personalities are already established, it is easy to tell if they are good with children, or familiar and comfortable with other pets. One thing is certain; adult dogs require less attention and less work than puppies do. Best of all, any rescued dog will be forever grateful you saved their life.
  5. Finding the Right Match - Often rescue group and animal shelter staff and volunteers know the personalities of animals, meaning they will know the individual Beagle dogs and puppies in their care. They will be able to better match you up with a dog that fits your lifestyle and activities. This is one of many advantages to finding an adult Beagle dog for adoption, rather than for sale.

Beagle Focused Rescues

Below you'll find many Beagle focused rescue organizations. This is not a complete list! If you are a Beagle focused rescue and would like to be included, please sign up for an account here, then submit your request using the Contact Us link after you login to your rescue or shelter account. Thank you!