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Calico kittens & cats in Normandy Park, Washington

Looking for a Calico kitten or cat in Normandy Park, Washington? Adopt a Pet can help you find an adorable Calico near you.

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Adopt a Calico near you in Normandy Park, Washington

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Special Needs



Female, 2 yrs 1 mo
Bend, OR
(when grown) -
Good with kids, Good with cats, Needs special attention, Spayed or Neutered,
Hello applicants!  Meet our adorable Angelina.  This sweet girl is just perfect!  She loves all humans, cats and gets along with dogs too.  Angelina like many other Spring Branch Rescue intakes was found on the streets of Houston.  Probably dumped or got away from her home.  When we took her in she had a litter of kittens with her.  We have been able to find homes for all except this amazing girl.  She is fully housebroken and extremely obedient.  She will do great in any living situation.  Her transition from our foster home to yours should be a very easy one.  Our dear Angelina is FIV positive.  You take a chance when rescuing a cat that they will be FIV positive.  Back in the days it was a death sentence for them as many were not educated enough on this.  THERE is nothing bad about FIV.  WE love our FIV intakes!  They live long happy lives.  They will require a little more attention to upper respiratory issues.  Kinda like someone who has allergies.  You will need to stablish a relationship with a vet and keep up with all your yearly shots as expected.  FIV cats can live with other FIV cats and Dogs.  Unfortunately, cats that have FIV cannot live with those that do not have it.  Some adopters have adopted in the past and kept up with yearly shots for their health cats.  That's up to you as an adopter.  We have to let you know what we were told by our vet.  We have found homes for so many!!!  Absolutely NOTHING bad with their adoptions.  Lived long happy lives.  Why should you adopt from a Texas Rescue? Because you will be giving one of our many dogs and cats in need a chance for a better future from a city that has an animal crisis.  We are heartbroken each day with the many incredible and loving animals found wondering our streets.  So many have been dumped and cannot find their way home.  Many never even had a home and were born on the streets.  WE gave them a chance.  Every animal deserves a chance. We know if adopted by you they will be loved and cared for . We believe in our local and out of state applicants.  There is a reason we drive to the Pacific Northwest every 2 weeks.  You are worth the drive. We have AMAZING adopters and we need more like them.  No matter if you live here in Houston, the Pacific Northwest or Canada we welcome you!  Thank you for considering to adopt and not shop.   If we are in Houston, then how can you see our posts?   Spring Branch Rescue has fosters all over the Pacific Northwest allowing us to post in specific cities. Yes our rescue is in Houston.  Our available animals live with foster families.  This is a win for you as the transition from our home to yours will be a much easier one.  We do have foster homes in your area.  This is why you are able to see our posts.  Unfortunatelly Meet & Greets have been cancelled due to Covid Restrictions.  Almost all our animals traveling have been adopted.  We have been doing this since 2019 and very successful.  Please take a look at our adopters reviews Transport:  We also have our own rescue van and offer transport from Houston to your area every 2 weeks.  We have delivery points in Utah, Idaho, Washington, Oregon and for our Canadian adopters with a passport there is a stop in Bellingham WA just for you to meet us and drive/fly/or take the ferry with your new pet back to Canada!!!!  We didn't forget about you guys.  Everyone will receive an envelope with your pets required medical records to enter Canada without any issues.    Adoption Fee includes:  This adoption fee will cover everything we have spent so far in Houston in Medical expenses, Training, Food, and Microchip.  If you are adopting outside of Texas or live in Canada your new baby will come with a Health Hertificarte to Travel Accross state lines.   Our adoption fees:    Kittens & Puppies up to 1 year are $400.  Adult Cats & Dogs are $350.  Seniors (7 years & older) $250.   Any pets traveling to the Pacific Northwest will have an additional transport fee of $200.     With your adoption and transport fees we are able to help another animal in need that will join our rescue.  Rescue never sleeps and the cost of doing so keeps increasing.  We keep going thanks to our adoption fees and donations.  We are a registered 501 (C)(3) Non Profit.   If you have fallen madly in love and would like to make this baby part of your family, please go to for an adoption application. ##1657175##
Photo of Dagmat



Female, Adult
(when grown) -
Not good with kids, Spayed or Neutered,

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26.1 miles

Spring Branch Rescue - Bend OR transport

Bend, OR 98045

Pet Types: cats, dogs

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