• Debunking Common Myths About Pet Adoption Shelters: When to Adopt or Buy a Pet

    By Savannah Admire New Africa / Adobe Stock Over six million companion animals end up in shelters each year in the U.S., yet some people still choose to purchase a pet from a breeder rather than adopt an animal from a shelter or rescue organization. Why? Part of the reason is the persistence of many […]

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  • Are Shelter Pets for Adoption Healthy?

    By Amy Fox, DVM Boris Jovanovic / Stocksy If you’re thinking about adopting a shelter pet, you may be wondering, “Are shelter dogs healthy?” Shelter medicine has made incredible advancements in making life in the shelter better for these pets, so their health problems are usually quickly identified and treated. Many veterinarians even do specialized […]

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  • Cat and Dog Nutrition

    The overall health of your dog or cat starts with a good foundation and nutrition is a key building block in keeping that foundation strong. Cats and dogs on proper diets enjoy happy tummies and good digestive health. This all translates into a longer life and more time spent together. We’ve assembled our best dog […]

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    By Dr. Dan Carey, Bayer Veterinarian Collar technology (yes, flea collars have technology now) has come a long way. And just like mobile phones, cars and even vacuums, new improvements can enhance performance that might surprise you. Today’s pet owners have new choices that result in effective, long-lasting flea prevention that’s as simple as attaching […]

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  • How Shelters Prepare Your Cat for Adoption

    By Dr. Dan Carey, Bayer Veterinarian Lights, camera … adoption! There’s nothing like changing a life, unless it’s saving a life. The photos are taken, social updates are posted and you’re finally on your way home.     First steps Playtime, mealtime, downtime: Your shelter’s staff interacts with your cat, gets to know his temperament, […]