• How to Make Your Home More Cat Friendly

    By Julie Zeilinger Huy Phan / Pexels There’s plenty to do before adopting a cat, from buying the necessary supplies to prepping to introduce your cat to your home or any resident pets. But perhaps one of the most important is to cat-proof your house. Cats require different things than other pets might to feel […]

  • How to Introduce a New Kitten to Your Cats

    Ivan Ozerov / Stocksy If you’re a cat parent who is considering bringing a new kitten into the home, or if you’ve already adopted one, you’re likely wondering how best to introduce your resident cat to their new family member. Introducing a new kitten to a resident cat can be challenging, and, depending on the […]

  • How to Cure Single Kitten Syndrome

    Melanie DeFazio / Stocksy If you adopted a single kitten under the age of six months, you may begin to notice some troubling behavior over time. If your kitten is excessively vocal, destructive, and/or aggressive, they are likely experiencing “single kitten syndrome,” a condition that can develop in kittens who are not raised with other […]

  • 20 Best Dog Breeds for Apartment Living

    By Alicia Kort Danil Nevsky / Stocksy Far too many apartment dwellers think they can’t have a dog just because they rent or live in relatively small spaces. While some landlords may have rules against pets, living in an apartment shouldn’t dissuade you from welcoming a dog into your life in and of itself. In […]

  • How to Choose a Cat When Adopting: Picking the Right Cat for You

    Magui RF / Shutterstock Bringing a new cat into your home should not be as simple as picking the first adorable kitten you find. If you want to be a pet parent to one of the two million cats adopted from animal shelters each year, you should first think about whether you’re able to commit […]

  • Naked Cats: 10 Hairless Cat Breeds

    Considering adopting a hairless cat? Though they have unique needs and challenges, most hairless cat breeds are affectionate, loyal, and fun. While some cats have a naturally occurring gene mutation that creates the condition, others are bred for it in ways that can cause health problems as the bloodline shortens, or because their hairlessness makes […]

  • What to Do if You Find a Lost/Stray Pet?

    By Savannah Admire Boris Jovanovic / Stocksy Have you ever come across a lost pet and wondered what to do? Your first instinct will probably be to help them and make sure they’re safe, but without taking the proper steps first, you may actually be endangering them, breaking the law, or depriving a grieving owner of […]

  • A Very Meowy Gift Guide for Pets and Their People

    While you’re making your lists and checking them twice this holiday season, don’t forget about presents for your pets –and your pet loving friends! Whether they’re on the naughty or nice list, they deserve a gift to join in the celebrations. We’ve done all the work for you and hand-selected our favorite goodies for the […]

  • “Free Dog” and “Free Kitten” posts aren’t safe! Help spread the word!

    It is very common to see posts on classified sites such as Craigslist and Nextdoor with headlines such as “free dog” or “free kitten.” What many people are unaware of though is that posting pets as “free to a good home” on these sites can be very dangerous. When a pet is posted as free […]

  • Temporarily caring for a stray dog or cat? Post to Rehome!

    If you are one of the amazing people who has opened your homes and hearts to care for a stray dog or cat until they find a permanent home, we understand that a main priority is to get that pet in front of as many eyeballs as possible. The more people who see the pet, […]