• Understanding your Cat’s Body Language

    Through body language and demeanor your cat is a skilled communicator. Here’s how to read the non-verbal messages your cat is communicating: On Patrol Of Her Territory Perked ears indicate curiosity Tail provides balance Whiskers measure width Sebaceous glands secrete an oily substance with a distinct smell Paws planted firmly and confidently on the ground […]

  • How can I encourage my kitten to warm up to me?

    If your kitten’s giving you the cold shoulder, here are some do’s and don’ts that will help you make friends with your feline… Do hold kitty often. Pick her up gently and cradle her until she relaxes. Don’t make loud noises or use sudden movements. Do move slowly as you approach, and get down on […]

  • How do I teach my kitten to go in a litter box?

    Since cats naturally think of sandy areas as bathrooms, most kittens quickly learn to use a litter box. You can make their job even easier. Upon bringing a new kitten home, place her in a small litter box, pre-filled with small-grained litter. Simulate digging by gently moving her front paws back and forth. Carry her […]

  • Scratching & Spraying

    Scratching is a normal behavior for your cat. It helps your cat keep her nails in good condition. So you can’t really blame her for clawing the furniture, unless you have provided her with an alternative like a scratching post. If your cat has already scratched something, cover the item with plastic and she will […]

  • How do I keep my kitten from scratching the furniture?

    Scratching is hard-wired into the cat’s brain – it’s what cats do to keep their claws sharp and ready for action. Your kitten will soon feel the urge to scratch, so offer her various items to sink her claws into. Purchase several scratching posts and pads, or make your own with posts or boards covered […]

  • Litter Box Training and Maintenance

    Litter Box Training Kittens learn by observing their mother. No training is necessary; you just need to make sure your new cat knows where the box is. You may want to limit your cat’s freedom to the room the box is in until you know she is using it regularly. When your cat begins to […]