• Most Calm Dog Breeds: 10 Pups with Chill Vibes

    Kseniia / AdobeStock If you’re considering adopting a new dog, energy level is probably one of the biggest factors to think about. Dogs generally have a reputation for being excitable and energetic, but there are plenty who would rather relax and watch TV with you than demand endless hours of catch. Many breeds were bred […]

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    By Alicia Kort Felix Chacon / Stocksy When you hear “Hound Dog,” your first thought may be of Elvis’s famous song. Despite what the King of Rock and Roll claims, Hounds usually don’t cry all the time if they’re getting enough mental stimulation and exercise, but they do often have unique, shrill barks. Of course, […]

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  • TSA Dog Adoption: Adopting Former TSA Pups

    by Daniela Lopez Allie / Adobe Stock Did you know that the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) trains adorable dogs to help with important tasks such as sniffing out explosives and firearms every year? These dogs are an essential part of ensuring our safety at airports and other transportation hubs. But not all of their trainees […]

  • 115 Flower Names for Dogs

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  • Seniors for Seniors Dog Adoption

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    BY JANELLE LEESON Danil Nevsky / Stocksy Choosing which adoptable pup is the right fit for you is the first of many important decisions you’re going to make as a new pet parent. Rescue dogs come from a variety of backgrounds, and some may have experienced trauma or neglect. When choosing a rescue dog, consider […]