• Top 20 Smartest Dog Breeds

    Marco Reggi / Stocksy All dogs have a great capacity to learn, perform tricks, and, of course, convince you they deserve another treat. A “smart dog,” however, is often thought of as a dog who is highly trainable. But according to dog trainer and behaviorist Karen London, Ph.D., a dog’s intelligence can be measured in many […]

  • How to Adopt a Therapy Dog

    By Savannah Admire Jimena Roquero / Stocksy If you’ve spent much time with a dog, you likely already know how soothing their presence can be. Research has shown that animals can have a therapeutic effect on people who are stressed, anxious, or suffering from conditions like post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Therapy dogs are dogs who […]

  • Should You Adopt a Puppy When You Have an Older Dog?

    By Julie Zeilinger Samantha Gehrmann / Stocksy It’s a thought many pet parents of older dogs have: Should I adopt a puppy for my dog? It’s a well-meaning and valid question, but one that should be carefully considered. While bringing home a young dog or puppy might “liven up” your older dog and help them […]

  • How to Introduce Dogs to Each Other

    Gustavo Fring / Pexels If you’re considering adopting a new dog (or just want to go for a walk with a friend and their dog), it’s important to think about how to facilitate a successful first meeting with your dog. A positive introduction can increase the chances that a new relationship will thrive, but pulling […]

  • What to Expect When Meeting a Shelter Dog for the First Time

    By Savannah Admire Irina Polonina /Stocksy Adopting a new dog into your family can be an incredibly exciting experience, and it can be tempting to pull your new pet into a big hug the first time you meet them. But many shelter dogs come from traumatic or difficult backgrounds, and even socialized dogs might not […]

  • How to Stop a Dog from Marking

    Duet Postscriptum / Stocksy When a new dog moves into your home, it is not at all uncommon for them to feel the need to “raise the yellow flag” and claim their new territory as their own by marking it with some urine. Since many newly adopted dogs are already housebroken, this may just be […]

  • How to Introduce Cats to Dogs? 6 Essential Steps

    Samantha Gehrmann / Stocksy If you have a new cat or are planning on adopting one — congratulations! If you already have a dog at home (who, ideally, you already know is good with cats), you’re probably wondering how to best introduce them. The good news is that many dogs and cats get along just […]

  • Separation Anxiety In Dogs — How To Stop Dog Barking When Left Alone?

    Samson Katt / Pexels Separation anxiety in dogs takes many forms and has many different levels of intensity, but one of the most obvious signs is a dog crying, howling, barking, or otherwise vocalizing when left alone. Your canine crooner may not be hurting themself or anyone (or anything!) with this behavior, but unless you […]

  • 5 Ways to Give Your Dog the Best Walk on National Walk Your Dog Day

    Whether you have a Siberian Husky or a five-pound Chihuahua mix, chances are one of your pup’s favorite parts of the day is W-A-L-K time. It’s recommended you walk your dog at least once a day, but with today being National Walk Your Dog Day, right now is a great time to gift your best […]

  • Learn to Speak Dog

    Given that a well-trained dog can learn to differentiate between, and respond appropriately to, hundreds of commands from her human family, it is only right that we should make an effort to understand what our canine companions are trying to say to us. We all know that a growl is a warning, and a yelp […]