• Mixed-Breeds vs. Purebreds: Are Mutts Healthier?

    BY Sheila Pell Marija Kovac / Stocksy If you are considering adopting a dog, one important factor to consider is health. Mutts, or mixed breeds, boast a unique ancestry, combining two or more breeds and their diverse gene pool can act as a shield against hereditary diseases that might haunt some purebreds. It’s well known […]

  • What to Expect from Your Dog’s First Vet Visit

    By Courtney Elliott Santi Nuñez / Stocksy Whether you just brought your new dog home or are about to sign the adoption papers, knowing what to expect at your dog’s first vet visit is crucial to establishing a good healthcare routine. You can prepare for your dog’s first vet visit by scheduling early, gathering their health […]

  • Common Health Conditions in Shelter Dogs That Really Aren’t a Big Deal

    BY DR. ALYCIA WASHINGTON, DVM, MS NatRomero / Shutterstock Adopting from an independent rescue organization or an animal shelter is a great way to provide a loving home for a dog in need. Many of these rescue dogs, however, have a patchy or even unknown history of veterinary care. This can put them at risk for […]

  • We’re Grateful For Our Senior Dogs

    At Adopt a Pet, we’re grateful for our senior pups of all shapes and sizes. As our dogs age, the special care that they require often changes. To keep your best friend healthy and happy in their wiser years, our friends at Nationwide® Pet Insurance have valuable care tips to share from their claims database […]

  • Debunking Common Myths About Pet Adoption Shelters: When to Adopt or Buy a Pet

    By Savannah Admire New Africa / Adobe Stock Over six million companion animals end up in shelters each year in the U.S., yet some people still choose to purchase a pet from a breeder rather than adopt an animal from a shelter or rescue organization. Why? Part of the reason is the persistence of many […]

  • Pet Insurance 102: Answering Your Top Questions About Pet Insurance

    Bringing home a new pet is an exciting time. But it can also be overwhelming. You want to be sure that you’re prepared for the unexpected. Pet insurance is the smart way to make sure your dog or cat is covered with the best veterinary care without worrying about the cost. We asked Nationwide your […]

  • How Can You Tell How Old a Dog Is?

    Tips on how to determine a dog’s age — it’s part science and part artful guesswork. By Karen B. London, PhD Thirdman / Pexels If you’re considering adopting a rescue dog, you’ll likely know little about their history. But as any eager pet parent, you probably can’t help but wonder about their past — whether it […]

  • Are Shelter Pets for Adoption Healthy?

    By Amy Fox, DVM Boris Jovanovic / Stocksy If you’re thinking about adopting a shelter pet, you may be wondering, “Are shelter dogs healthy?” Shelter medicine has made incredible advancements in making life in the shelter better for these pets, so their health problems are usually quickly identified and treated. Many veterinarians even do specialized […]

  • Pet Insurance 101: 5 Reasons Why You Need It & How It Works

    How Nationwide can help protect your newest family member for a longer and healthier life together. Is pet insurance necessary? Any pet parent who’s taken a surprise trip to the emergency room and found themselves staring at a bill ending in one too many zeros knows the answer is yes, your pet needs coverage. Pet […]

  • Dog Pregnancy 101: Rescuing a Pregnant Dog

    by Amy Fox, DVM If you are considering fostering a pregnant dog, or a pregnant stray dog happens to find you, it’s important to know some key information about dog pregnancy and birth to help you care for a mama dog and her puppies. Get ready for lots of hard work, a whole lot of […]