• Everything You Need to Keep Your Pets Safe This Fourth of July

    Fourth of July is just around the corner and you are likely eagerly preparing for all the fun festivities the day brings. How can you beat lounging in the backyard with a good BBQ, friends and family, and beautiful fireworks lighting up the night sky. Sure, it’s a ton of fun for us humans, but our […]

  • Lost and Found: A Guide

    Click here for printable version The statistics are troubling: One in three pets will get lost. Without identification, only 10% will return home. Losing your beloved dog or cat is a terrible experience, and we hope it never happens to you. Follow the links below for specific advice: The Best Option: Prevent Your Pet From […]

  • Houseplants 101 – Which Can or Won’t Hurt Your Pets

    Houseplants can help you turn a synthetic-feeling space into one that blends beautifully with your natural surroundings. But while plants are a wonderful design option, some can also pose a threat to your pets. Here’s a quick look at some dangerous — and some not-so-dangerous — houseplants.   Aloe Vera Ingesting aloe vera can make […]

  • 5 Imperative Tips to Ensure a Pet-Safe Holiday

    While you’re busy reveling in the joy of the season and the warm embrace of family and friends, your pets could be getting into trouble. Holiday festivities can inadvertently have a negative impact on your pets and their health. Here are five tips to help you keep your pets safe this holiday season:   Tip […]

  • How to Help a Choking Pet

    It was a picture-perfect Thanksgiving in Thomasville, Pennsylvania.  A patchwork of red, orange and gold leaves blanketed the ground while a smattering of green still clung to the branches above.  The house was filled with idle chatter while all anxiously awaited the Holiday Meal.  Suddenly Brutus, a 90 lbs. Rottweiler, entered the room with an […]


      Things that go bump in the night shouldn’t include your pets, so follow a few simple tips to make sure Howl-o-ween won’t be scary or dangerous for canines or felines!   PREVENT A HOUDINI ACT by knowing where your pets are at all times. Walk them before dark and do not, I repeat do […]

  • Pet Insurance 102: What Pet Insurance Covers & Why Every Pet Deserves It

    The following article has been provided courtesy of Petplan pet insurance, who is also offering an exclusive 10% discount on policies to Adopt-a-Pet.com supporters. To learn more visit Petplan. One in three pets pays an unexpected visit to the veterinarian each year.* No wonder pet insurance is on the rise! Pet insurance helps pet parents […]

  • Heat Stroke and Your Pets

      Mary adored her Dachshund Daisy and always wanted her by her side.  One 85°F day, while the “girls” were out for a car ride, Mary made a quick stop at the convenience store for a jug of milk.  In the store, she encountered a new cashier who was having difficulty working the cash register.  […]

  • Bite Like A Rattler, Sting Like A Bee… First-Aid Tips to Help Your Pet

    One late summer morning, two Scottish Fold kittens were playfully exploring their fenced yard when Rudy caught Abigail off guard and bounded at her from behind the rose bushes.  As Abby took a tumble landing dazed and confused, a bee buzzed passed her.  The twosome, quickly distracted by this new found fun, attempted to play […]

  • 5 Essential Summer Safety Tips for Dog Owners

    Summer is the perfect time for fetch, runs, hikes and lots of other fun activities with your dog. But it’s important to remember to keep your pet safe during warmer weather. Here are five tips to keep your pup safe and happy this summer: 1. Provide a cool place to rest. Give your dog a […]