• Why Might I Want to Consider Adopting an Older Dog Instead of a Puppy?

    Would you like to get a new dog that’s already housebroken, already had his shots, already been spayed or neutered, and who’s more than willing to learn a few new tricks? It sounds too good to be true, but a family-friendly older dog can be all that, and more. You may think you want a […]

  • What is a High Prey Drive and What Breeds Tend to Have It?

    Dogs chase after toys, bones, small animals—you name it. This age-old habit is a survival instinct. Wild dogs need to be good hunters in order to chase food all the way down to a full belly. That’s why the urge to chase things is known as prey drive. Our domesticated pups have retained this drive—some […]

  • Which Dog Breeds Require the Most Exercise?

    The dogs that need the most exercise are breeds that were developed to work long hours for a living, such as herding dogs and bird dogs. Among these relentlessly hard-working types are Border Collies, Labrador Retrievers, German Shorthaired Pointers, Jack Russell Terriers, and Dalmatians. They’re frisky, inquisitive, and always ready to go. High energy dogs […]

  • What Breeds Tend to be Well-Suited to Apartment Life?

    You might automatically assume that a Great Dane won’t fare well in a city apartment. But if you’re choosing a breed to live with you in a small space, you’ll need to consider more than size. The amount a dog barks and its energy level are often even more important. For example, quiet breeds such […]

  • Are There Any Dog Breeds That Do Not Shed At All?

    All dogs with hair shed. It’s a natural process to lose fur as new hair grows in. The question is how the lost hair is dispersed. With normal shedding, hair ends up on furniture, clothes, and dog bedding. So-called “non-shedding dogs” slough off hair, too, but it goes into their undercoat, not onto your couch. […]